Mountain biking in Scotland

in Scotland

If you're looking for somewhere to enjoy beautiful scenery, fresh air, and wide open spaces all while enjoying the wonders of cycling, then you need to go cycling in Scotland. Scotland has some of the best cycling routes in the UK; in fact IMBA names Scotland as the mountain biking ‘global superstar' in 2006. There are a whole host of terrains available from small roads to forest trails.  There is something perfect for everyone.

Whether you're a professional mountain biker, or just looking for a relaxed ride through the amazing countryside, Scotland has something for everyone to enjoy. To ensure your safety while biking in the forest trails a grading scale has been introduced. There are varying difficulties for you to choose from. There are the green tricks which are easy, for novice bikers and beginners. Next there are the blue and red trials which are for intermediate bikers and semi-professionals. Finally there are the black trials; these are strictly for the expert mountain bikers, these trails can be very difficult and dangerous to those who have not had much experience.

There are many paths which come highly recommended when biking in Scotland.  One of the better known ones are the Witch's trails, which is supposedly haunted by the witch of Leanachan. Another trail which is popular are the 7Stanes, this is a collection of 7 paths which vary in difficulty. There are lots of options for accommodation and many events which happen here which are very popular for all riders. All trail maps and marked paths can be found from the forestry commission Scotland, or easily available online.

Scotland is such a beautiful place to go mountain biking, with the huge range of terrains including mountains and forests, the views are truly breathtaking.  Scotland has truly inspired many cycling brands to be developed, including specialised clothing. A key example of this is Endura cycle wear. Endura clothing was started in Scotland and has grown rapidly into one of the top cycling brands today.

There are many different events which take place in the mountains of Scotland, but don't feel like you need to take part in everything there are loads of opportunities for you to watch the events. The events can include world class surfing, a lot of cycling races and some of the best mountain biking in the world. If your thinking about taking part in any of these events then you should take a look at Endura's clothing range, the Endura bib shorts especially. Perfect for any cyclist!

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Mountain biking in Scotland

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This article was published on 2010/11/03